Our Products can be copied,
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We unveil one thing that can never be stolen, Our Ethos..!

  • Our Ethos...

  • We believe that spinning yarn is not an act but our habit.
  • Our number one customers are our employees, satisfied employees signify satisfied customers.
  • We endeavor to be creative and innovative in our products, processes and solutions.

"Our People Own Their Job and Not Just Perform Them"

  • The Yarn you Yearn

About Us..!

Backed with a 36 years of spinning experience, we are recognized as one of the prominent manufacturers for Sewing Thread Yarns in India with a capacity of 22500 spindles.

We were commenced by Mr.Thangavelu in 1979 with 880 spindles. With Mr.Surendren we expanded to 22500 spindles and focused on a niche product – “Sewing Thread”, sustained on the product and established the brand in the market.

We were ignited to commence the journey to attain World Class Manufacturing with the third generation director Mr Shabhari S.

Board Of Directors

Mr P.Thangavelu

Chairman Emeritus

Mr Surendren Thangavelu

Managing Director

Mr Shabhari Surendren

Executive Director

Mrs Revathi Surendren



We seek to attain and maintain customer delight and reliability through consistent quality by implementing World Class Manufacturing.


Our commitment is to ensure strong seams. We deliver the “Yarn You Yearn” through continuous improvement of product and service.

To attain our vision by improving performance at every level of the organization by sustaining “5S & TPM practices”, increasing the Total Employee Involvement – TEI and adopting Customer-Centric approach and developing long term relationship with our customers.

Ensuring safe and fulfilling work environment and giving back what we take by supporting the communities in which we operate.

Quality Policy

Our quality is never an accident.

We undertake to produce quality yarn by implementing SOP’s and Poka Yoke to avoid human error; “kaizens” for Continuous Improvements and “First time right” to ensure zero defects. All this is made possible through constant analysis of our customer feedback.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten


Sewing thread made out of 100% Super High Tenacity Polyester Staple Fiber Ring Spun, Auto Coned and twisted in TFO.

Count Range: 30’s 70’s (Two Ply & Three Ply)

Awards & Certifications

  • 2015 - 5S - Par Excellence Award

    Par Excellence award in 5S competition awarded by QCFI Chennai chapter.

  • 2015 - 5S - Platinum Award

    Platinum Award in 5S competition awarded by ABK-AOTS.

  • 2015 - QC - Gold Award

    Gold award in Quality Circle competition awarded by QCFI Chennai chapter

  • 2014 - 5S - 2nd Place

    2nd place in 5S competition awarded by ABK AOTS DOSOKAI

  • 2014 - Kaizen - Outstanding

    Two outstanding awards in Kaizen competition by QCFI Chennai chapter

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Registered Office:

K.N Colony
Salem - 636014
+91 9344434060


Dharmapuri Main Road
Bommidi - 635301
+91 8489935128

Executive Director

Shabhari S
+91 9364624222